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Stiga RN Forest


We buy birch veneer logs at our birch plywood mill at Street Meistaru 1, Kuldiga. The timber delivered must comply with the requirements of FSC® timber supply chain standard, which must be indicated in the accompanying documents (delivery note).

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In case we do not have a contract with you, please contact us before a delivery by calling +37126657666 or send an e-mail to:

Stiga RN Forest
Stiga RN Forest


Independent measurement and quality assessment of the birch veneer logs are carried out by a professional measurement organization SIA VMF Latvia(, who apply common basic principles and a combination of the best practices in the field of measurement, evaluation and accounting regarding timber in the Baltic Region. SIA VMF LATVIA is accredited and is competent to carry out round timber measurement in accordance with LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard and Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 744 on Wood and Round Timber Accounting in the sphere it regulates: round timber measurement (LVS 82:2003).

After measuring the birch veneer logs delivered, SIA VMF LATVIA prepares a measurement and quality assessment report (test report), on the basis of which STIGA RM Ltd applies the prices specified in the price list, draws up an invoice and makes the payment.

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Stiga RM Ltd. is a family-owned company from Nothern Europe, founded in 1994 with the goal of promoting the welfare of Latvia, sustainably managing the forest areas.

We are reliable partners and we appreciate traditions, but we always look towards the future.

Modern and responsible full cycle logging – from the sapling till the production unit.

For a strong and growing Latvia

Stiga RM


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